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2003 will also be the "Hamel" year.

VOC 400 Years (in Dutch with a summary in English

VOC ships
General VOC history
Shri Lanka


VOC Ships

A rebuilt of The Batavia, a VOC ship
bata.gif (89827 bytes)

Building the Duijfken

The Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam

The way a VOC ship was rigged
AND a beautiful 17th century poster of a VOC ship

Two replicas of ships like the Sperwer


Halve Maen


General VOC history

A rich site with lots of interesting things about the settlements of the Dutch and Portuguese.

History of Bontekoe in Dutch

Sporen van de VOC in archieven en bibliotheken - Traces of the VOC in archives and libraries

De VOC in de Nederlandse Archieven

The Dutch East India Company
in South Africa

The history of the VOC will be unveiled in the
factory of B@tavia

The VOC and opium

Atlas Mutual Heritage

Thinkquest VOC a 17th century Giant
A site well worth visiting

Searching for servants working for the VOC sailing for Delft

Tanap a future database with the history of the VOC

Jan Pieterszoon Coen of Hoorn (1587–1629)

Kritiek op Jan Pieterszoon Coen

Lutjebroek Birthplace of Abel Tasman

the Netherlands Board of Tourism on the United East India Company (VOC) (English and Dutch).



'Taiwan as a milking cow of the Dutch VOC
A Taiwanese website under the name of 'Forgive, but never forget' tells us the history of the various occupations of Taiwan.

The Dutch on Formosa
Andre Engels

The VOC and Formosa

Treaty between Koxinga and the Dutch Government
(capitulation document of Fort Zeelandia)

The same text taken from another site

Introduction to the Dutch in Taiwan

The Zeelandia Diaries

An Introduction to Taiwanese Historical Materials in the Archives of the Dutch East India Company

Links to Lionel Sluiters 180 links to the history of the VOC

Want to buy VOC coins?

To give an idea what the archives of the VOC contains



Japan and the VOC .
A collection of pictures of the Octroi-area of the VOC, Dutch fluitships, Formosa or Taiwan, fort Zeelandia on Taiwan and Dutch Ambassadors in Japan (Montanus, 1669). an excellent site about the Dutch connection with Japan

The Deshima Diaries

Hollanders in Hirado (pp. 49-53) by drs.W.Z. Mulder

Time line for foreigners (and Dutch) in Japan

Japanese History

Travels of the Dutch East India Company in the Japanese Archipelago

Chronology to Japanese - Portuguese relations
(Some names refer briefly to Korean history)

Deshima comes back to life

The last Dutch Opperhooft

The secret tales of the Nagasaki International Cemeteries
(the rest of the site is definitely worth reading)

Swaen, a commercial map and document seller with maps and history of Japanese maps as well

Restoration of Deshima



VOC sites in India



Indonesian view at their history

Another site about Indonesian history (also in French)

A time line of Indonesian history
Beginnings to 1500:
the Old Kingdoms and the coming of Islam
1500 to 1670: Great Kings and Trade Empires
1670 to 1800: Court Intrigues and the Dutch
1800 to 1830: Chaos and Resistance
1830 to 1910: Imperialism and Modernization
1910 to 1940: New Nationalism
1940 to 1945: the Second World War
1945 to 1950: the War for Independence
1950 to 1965: the Sukarno years
1965 to 1998: Orde Baru: the Suharto years
1998 to today: Reformasi

Bali history

Another site on the history of Bali

Dutch East-Indies Information point

The history of Indonesia
again another site

Where the Dutch the main cause of the changes in Indonesian history?
a discussion which challenges the view that Indonesia would have changed in the same way historically anyway

The history of Java and the buildings in Jakarta (in Dutch)

Pramoedya Ananta Toer a very controversial author in Indonesia


Asia in general

Links to other good sites about Asian History

Andre Engels Homepage of discoveries



Korea through western cartographic eyes

Mercator world of maps

New Netherland Project

Articles written in the Itinerario
European Journal of Overseas History

Oddens bookmarks
the greatest site if you want to search for maps
with more than 10.000 links to maps pages.

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century


Shri Lanka

The Dutch in Ceylon
An account of their Early Visits to the Island, their Conquest, and their Rule over the Maritime Regions during a Century and a half.



The history of Shri Lanka under Dutch control
Chapter 8 (of an online book about the history of Shri Lanka)
Chapter 9

The history of the VOC in Elmina

The site of the Dutch Embassy in Ghana, with a lot of interesting history

The history of the Dutch in South Africa.

If you want any idea how 17th century Dutch cities looked like

Nederlanders overzee
A site about the history of Dutch abroad, parts of this movie were used for the Hamel Puryogi

A collection of links to shipwrecks of the VOC

Sea Shanties
Shanties are the work songs that were used on the square-rigged ships

The history page of Andreas K. Horlings

The history of Windmills

Chronology of the Portugal - Japan Relations

He(y)ndrick Hamel was born in 1593 He was in so far family of our Hendrick that the father of Hendrick; Dick Hamel and Heijndrick Hamel had the same ancestor and belonged to the same generation. Their great-grandfathers were brothers. Here you can find his name also mentioned as a patroon in the New Netherlands (Now New York area)

If you ever plan to visit Holland and want to visit a windmill, you can find here where they are


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