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"Man in Korean Costume" drawing made by Rubens, in 1617/18 -- black chalk and some traces of red chalk on paper, 38.4 x 23.5 cm, now in the J. Paul Getty Museum (Malibu), reg. no. 83.GB.384) -- The depicted man is clearly a Westerner, and the costume is indeed a Korean Chosôn period costume (ch'ôsok). The drawing is part of a series of five drawings -- the other four being men in Chinese costumes. It has been speculated that the man in the costume is the China missionary Nicolas Trigault (alias Kin Nige, 1577-1628), who in January 1617 was together with Rubens in Antwerp. (Courtesy Frank Hoffmann). Gari Ledyard however says they might be as well Chinese Ming dynasty clothes (personal email). according to him, it is doubtful if the Jesuits that early in time were already acquinted with Koreans and their clothes.

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In Vienna there is another picture in the Kunsthistorische Museum called "The miracles of Francis Xavier" - with the same person in Korean dress. Over there the person has more clearly a Western face. (Courtesy Werner Koidl, because of copyrights I can't display this picture
but I can show the head) Link to Korean article


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